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A Wild & Crazy Ride! The “road less traveled”, “free fall”, “Mach Speed”,  “roller-coaster ride”.  However you care to phrase it, the Cannabis Industry is not for the feint of heart nor the ill-prepared.  If ...

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Is Now a Good Time to Invest In Cannabis?

This is a question HighBridge hears frequently. Obviously, HighBridge is “bullish” on the Cannabis industry in general, and our company in particular! Specific to HighBridge, the company is continually reviewing its progress, accomplishments and ...

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Cannabis…Bigger than the NFL?

There is the famous scene in the iconic “Godfather II” where Hyman Roth, toasting Michael Corleone & other mob bosses says: “Gentlemen, we are bigger than U.S. Steel”. The NFL is building its revenue ...

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Mexico is Ready for Cannabis

......And HighBridge is Ready for Mexico! When HighBridge was founded, we knew that the Hispanic demographic represented a significant portion of the audience in our target States. We also anticipated that Mexico itself would ...

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How Women Influence Our Business

On Sunday, October 6, HighBridge held an Executive Team meeting. One of the topics of the meeting was the “Buying Matrix”and how that breaks down into various demographic categories. Statistically we are aware that ...

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What does the recent Vaping Crisis mean to HighBridge & the Cannabis Industry? There is much publicity and speculation on this topic. Edibles are a force in the retail cannabis market, and HighBridge expects ...

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