We here at HighBridge love to “toot our own horn” and share the progress and excitement of our journey.  However, as we rapidly approach the launch of our products, we realize we are here in large part due to the help and direction of our many strategic partners. After wading through months of political drama and then surviving nearly a year of a global pandemic, our long awaited PRODUCT LAUNCH is imminent. Challenges such as raw material sourcing and co-packing are behind us.  Cans, vials, and labels are on order. So, we have begun planning our move into our official offices in Orange County and are getting product ready to package and distribute. Our projected date for occupancy in late March with a launch date anticipated late April-early May. We have even arranged a surprise:  an industry new, totally different beverage that will be announced on our website soon! So continue to visit our website and follow HighBridge on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

We thought this a good time to introduce a couple of our strategic and network partners:



A HUGE shout out and congratulations to My Green Network, one of our earliest contacts in the Cannabis Community.  MyGN is a true innovator and has just announced several developments with regard to its Orange County, California facility.  If you are not familiar with MyGN, its unique Business Model provides a “Cannabis Only” environment for emerging, start-up, and growing cannabis companies.  A combination of warehouse, office, lab, and meeting spaces dedicated exclusively for those in the Cannabis Business.  Most recently MyGN:

  • Announced that it has filled its entire Santa Ana member roster and is projecting the opening of the facility as soon as the end of March.
  • Boosted its premium member list to include. In addition to HighBridge, 3 development stage companies with Michelin Star rated chefs!
  • Been featured, with CEO James Shih, in several Business Publications, including an article in the Taiwanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal!

MyGN has been a staunch supporter of and ambassador for HighBridge Premium Cannabis.  We could not be happier for their success and are extremely proud of our relationship. We look forward to joining MyGN as an Anchor Member in its next facility in Colorado!

(More on that later!)



Our friends at Culture Wellness in Boca Raton, Florida,  are not in the THC business but have entered the CBD arena with a very large splash that includes numerous edibles, creams, and lotions. All containing CBD and other Hemp extracts.

Culture Wellness is leading the way to deliver functional ingredients to consumers, retailers, and distributors, utilizing the very best products on trend, emerging categories, and channels that drive brand awareness and sales.

HighBridge believes that Culture Wellness brings to CBD the same commitment to quality and premium products that HighBridge delivers on the THC side of the leaf.  Our best wishes to Rich Moreland and the Culture Wellness group. HighBridge hopes to soon be distributing the Culture-Wellness Products in Mexico!

(More on that coming soon too!)

While the pandemic raged, many of us in the Cannabis Industry found a way to not just survive, but to thrive! A testament to the ambition, drive, and vision of those in our community.

Congratulations one and all!


Until that time,

Your friends at HighBridge Premium Cannabis

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After a crazy 2020, we are sure that everyone is glad to see the new year and welcome a fresh start.  But as crazy as the last year was, our industry and HighBridge accomplished much. Some highlights from last year: 

  • Our industry grew with the addition of several States passing or adopting laws legalizing Recreational Cannabis (Add Arizona, Montana & South Dakota to the club!).
  • Congress again saw an all-encompassing Cannabis Legalization Bill pass the House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority. Though experts give this bill little chance of getting through the Senate, it paves the way for discussion and fine tuning the desired legislation.
  • Ours was one of the few industries that experienced growth during the pandemic. With some States seeing 50%+ growth (Nevada) and others, like Colorado, having record years with more than $2 Billion in cannabis revenues.

2021 bodes well for the Cannabis Industry! Growing revenues, more states participating, local, State & National legislation in the works, continue to improve mainstream acceptance of the Cannabis Community.

Some things we can all look forward to in the coming year:

  • Banking should improve considerably. The SAFE Banking Act is again being routed through Congress. According to our friends at the Cannabis Trade Federation, the SAFE Act is likely to pass this Quarter. And “Marijuana Moment” Bill Tracker is already watching more than 255 cannabis, psychedelics and drug policy bills in state legislatures and Congress for 2021 sessions.
  • California has proposed emergency Rules & Regulations to expedite Banking access for Cannabis Companies.
  • Mexico, which legalized all forms of cannabis in 2019, is expected to have its implementation procedures (“code” for  regulations and taxes) in place as early as Q2 of this year.
  • Even the Big Apple might make some progress! And in a very unique way: Andrew Yang, seeking to replace current Mayor DeBlasio, included his support for marijuana legalization on his campaign site’s “Culture, Society and Nightlife” section rather than the Criminal Justice section.

HighBridge completed its’ first full year in amazing fashion! Not only did we survive the Corona Craziness, we thrived!

Although the pandemic delayed putting our products on the shelf, HighBridge took significant steps in fulfilling its Business Model.

Among its accomplishments:

HighBridge began its quest to become a Vertically Integrated company by executing contracts or Letters of Intent for:

  • Development of its internal e-Commerce platform.
  • Purchase of government licensed retail e-Commerce site in Mexico.
  • Purchase of 2 cultivation facilities.
  • Incorporation in Canada.
  • Pushed its growth agenda to 5 states in 2021, including Nevada, Colorado, & Michigan.

Our goal at HighBridge is to become a vertically integrated, Multi-State Organization with an International footprint.

In furtherance of that goal, HighBridge has also expanded its Board of Directors to 5.

New members include former executives from CorMark & Gelco, a tenured professor at the University of California, and a former United States Senator.

We believe this makes HighBridge the first Recreational Cannabis Company with a former US Congressman on its Board. And the first of any Cannabis company to proudly include a former U.S. Senator. Look for formal introductions on our website soon.

We at HighBridge look forward to 2021 with renewed energy and optimism. Favorable state and federal legislation, growing markets – both domestic and international, and the ability to partner with others in our industry are the foundation of an extremely energetic year.

Look for our new web site coming soon. Please visit us on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms!

Until that time,

Your friends at HighBridge Premium Cannabis

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions we get!

The answer is “NO”!

As we ramp up for 2021, one would think (hope) that issues such as cross border transportation of cannabis products amongst States would become easier. While public sentiment for legalization of cannabis is high (no pun intended!), corrective legislation is lagging.

Yes, the MORE & SAFE Acts have been resoundingly passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, but progressing this legislation through the Senate is a slow, laborious process. Optimism reigns, but even if the laws are changed in 2021, implementation may take us into 2022. “Implementation” is a government euphemism for figuring out how to tax and regulate!

We saw this in Canada. First passage of legalization, then regulatory structure, then implementation. A rather streamlined process in Canada, it still took several months. Then there is Mexico. Once the Mexico Supreme Court struck down all prohibitions against marijuana, it granted an implementation “stay” (legal for delay) of 6 months, to allow the Government to formalize regulation and taxes. Then another 6 month stay. Then another. And most recently, yet another 4 month delay. So, though the process of legalization is imminent, and cause for celebration, the implementation “can” will, no doubt,  be kicked down the street for a while.

But people are anxious and the tendency is to want to get the carriage in front of the horse! So back to the original question!  The TSA is there to guide us and explain the current rules regarding transportation of cannabis products. The weird thing is that TSA has reverted to the 60’s in its approach and language. As if parsing its warnings in language like the “Hippy Dippy Weatherman,” makes it more relatable or understandable for us.  Unfortunately, all that accomplishes is continuation of the “stoner” image legitimate cannabis companies work so hard to shed. Example, directly from the TSA:

“We hear it’s National Brownie Day so we’re here to talk about something really sticky-icky-icky (ooh wee)… and we’re here to get it out in the open air. Hopefully this doesn’t post near 4:20, because we’re about to doobie down.”

Marijuana whether dank or schwag, it simply isn’t dope in your carry-on or checked bag. This includes cannabis products and CBD oil, which remain illegal under federal law, except for products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that are @FDA approved.

Let’s be blunt…do you know what happens when we discover your stash? We don’t yell jack-pot but are required to refer your product to our local law enforcement officers. The LEOs may choose to cite, fine, or simply confiscate the grass. We leaf it up to these professionals to hash it out, and in this case it isn’t a joint effort.

We aren’t here to bring you down with too much information. We’re just infusing you with some Kush knowledge so you don’t end up making a chronically bad decision. Don’t let your next travel plans go up in smoke, reach out to our best buds at AskTSA on Facebook or Twitter. High five!”

If you can get through the silliness of its prose, TSA actually does answer the question as to why we are not able to provide you with samples! In practice, leaving a legal state with product may not pose any huge risk. Even if your stash is discovered – when it is turned over to Local Enforcement, you are in a legal state, so no harm, no foul.  Tricky part is when you land in a state that isn’t legal. Although incoming baggage is seldom checked, it is possible and could cause hassles for you. Those hassles for legal cannabis companies involve licensing risks. So, please understand that much as we might want to provide samples for you, we work long and hard to be in this industry, and simply will not risk our license and status by transporting samples.

But to quote Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a changing.”

Until that time,

Your friends at HighBridge Premium Cannabis

P.S. – For a blast from the past, take a look at some old clips of iconic comedian George Carlin, who made Al Sleet, the “Hippy Dippy Weatherman”, a household reference to the cannabis culture back in the 60’s.

And, from the same era, but more relevant today than ever, Bob Dylan’s music and poetry is still inspirational.