Medical Marijuana, Holistic CBD, Recreational THC The Driving Force Behind Each (You May Be Surprised!)

Medical Marijuana, Holistic CBD, Recreational THC The Driving Force Behind Each (You May Be Surprised!)

Recreational THC continues it’s quest for legitimacy in the mainstream market place, as well as national legalization for our products and industry. An odd situation given the accepted medicinal properties and medical uses for THC. And, of course, CBD has exploded onto the commercial scene as having medicinal (mystical?) properties, whether scientifically proven or anecdotal. Yet, Recreational Use THC, while growing in state by state legalization, continues to fight the good fight to have the same or similar platform as CBD and “Medical Marijuana”.

Here is where the plot thickens, as they say!

Those of us that specialize in the production of THC products have always boasted of the many qualities of THC and the consequent benefits from responsible use. The medical marijuana sector would have us believe that only they can determine what constitutes proper use. Thus locking out those that support full access. And our colleagues on the CBD side of the leaf, have been very successful in promoting the “HOLISTIC” qualities of their products. Basically another way to tout the many medical like results available through CBD, without the encumbrance of being labeled a “medical product”.

First, we support complete legalization and responsible use of marijuana, and begrudge no members of our community that have secured a place at the table of commerce by utilizing the plant in its various forms. But what really drives the use and acceptance of those “Non-Recreational” products? We know that medical use marijuana is basically a vehicle for delivery of THC. And, while we encourage and support those in our industry that have found ways to use and commercialize Hemp, CBD, etc., what if those same products that profess to be THC free and tout their many benefits, actually achieved those results (and accolades, acceptance, etc.) by including THC in those products?

According to Food Business News, more than half of the CBD products randomly tested in a recent FDA sampling, contained significantly more or less CBD than that listed on their labels. And, the Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association and Confidence Analytics (Where did they come from!?) found some CBD products contain as much as three times the stated amount while others contain no CBD. Of the products the association tested, 64% did not meet their label claims.

Now, for those of us in the THC sector, all that is interesting in a general sort of way. We know the benefits of Medical Marijuana are the result of THC. But, what IF the beneficial results attributed to CBD, its holistic “halo”, and mystical healing properties are really not from the CBD at all? The FDA sample testing referenced above found that nearly half of the sampled products contained THC! Which begs the question: What is really the catalytic element in those CBD products! And while we might speculate that, in fact, it is most likely THC, the FDA continues to refrain from granting to CBD products it’s “GRAS” (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation.



From my perspective, the benefits of CBD are not “Placebo” or Marketing, but quite likely THC!

…..and so it goes.

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