So…How Do You Do That?

So…How Do You Do That?

HighBridge has created a variety of beverages, and with the exception of the “Re-frsh” social seltzers, each contains 10 milligrams of THC.  Yet each individual product is designed to offer a different and unique experience.

Not unexpectedly, a question we frequently get is “So, how do you do that?!”

Recent postings in the HighBridge website and social media platforms contained a “Dosing Chart” as well as a Chemistry “Primer”.  Most know that there are several strains of cannabis, but did you know that currently there are more than 140 strains?  And that number continues to grow as producers develop moreover hybrid strains.

But there is more to it than just the strain of cannabis used in the HighBridge formulas.  There are many components to each strain, referred to as “cannabinoids”, “terpenes” and others.  Each of these components has properties of its own.  And, while each person may react differently to a particular strain, the goal of HighBridge is to offer a unique and consistent experience to all with each product.

For example, the HighBridge line of faux Beers provides three distinct experiences, yet each contains a consistent 10 mg of THC.  This is achieved by the addition of certain cannabinoids or terpenes to alter the effect of the THC.  Thus, the CREATE product will provide a full spectrum THC experience, while the FOCUS product is altered to give one a more mellow, “tuned in” effect.  And the RELAX product uses different additives to offer a more sedative effect.

Now, don’t you wish you had paid closer attention in Chemistry Class?!

Other inquiries we frequently receive relate to the legalities of Cannabis, why is CBD legal in most states and THC illegal in all but a few, and when will all this change on a national level.   A topic for our next conversation!


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*Photo by: Photo by Next Green Wave on Unsplash