Have you heard of the WALLDOs?

Have you heard of the WALLDOs?

Well, we trust everyone has navigated another week through the Corona Craziness. So, while we contemplate what to do first once the “restrictions” are eased (treatment or weight watchers?), I thought it might be fun to take a trivia trip through Cannabis History!

A few VERY important names: the “WALLDOs”, Jeffrey Baxter, and Carl Sagan, for example. If you know all 3 and what their unique contributions to the development of the Cannabis Industry might be, you are an official Cannabis Connoisseur!

Let’s start with the “WALLDO”s:

In the early 70s a group of high school kids from San Rafael, California used to congregate at the western most wall of the school before classes, during lunch break, and study hall. They became known as the WALLDOs”. Nothing too organized, just a fun meeting place. After school was a different story, as this same group of kids would meet at the nearby statue of Louis Pasteur. This would have little significance and offer no clue as to the importance of this group, except that they would meet at the same time each day to partake in a favorite activity – smoking pot. And the time they would meet: 4:20. Their code for this ritual was “420 Louie”. Which eventually was shortened to “420” and became the not so secret code for all things cannabis.

Then there is Jeffrey Baxter. Kudos to those of you that know or recognize the name. Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter was one of the original members of the rock band Steely Dan and later joined the mega rock band The DOOBIE Brothers. A big part of the Californian culture, the DOOBIEs pushed marijuana awareness not just with their name, but with some of the biggest rock songs of the 70s, becoming a poster for the emerging counter- culture. Now, here is where it gets interesting. Baxter is an engineering and computer wizard and began applying defense type programming to music. Then, later, preparing research papers for the US Congress and Department of Defense. Eventually getting extremely high security clearances, “Skunk” went on work to as a Consultant for the Department of Defense and even chaired a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense!

Our guess is that most will recognize Carl Sagan as one of the pre-eminent scientists of the 20th century….but what is his contribution to marijuana? Well, The next time someone tries to tell you that marijuana makes you dumb, try to explain, using simple words, phrases, and signals, that Carl Sagan was a staunch proponent and regular user of the herb. Sagan is regarded as one of the most intelligent people of all time and published in excess of 600 scientific papers while finding time to edit, author, or co-author over 20 books. Like all scientists, Sagan loved to experiment, and did so with weed. In 1969, he wrote an essay on the benefits of pot along with details of how it felt to be high. Because cannabis was illegal all over the United States at that time, Sagan wrote the essay as ‘Mr. X’. He also admitted that marijuana helped improve his appreciation of art.

So there you have it! High School Stoners, Rock and Roll Icons, and World Famous Scientific geniuses. All have contributed and helped pave the way for our industry.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy.

Until that time,

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