Marijuana, Cannabis & Hemp…..OH MY!

Marijuana, Cannabis & Hemp…..OH MY!

OK…last time we said we would speak more to the “Covid-19 Numbers”.  Especially as it pertains to our industry.

Maybe later!  We continue to get many questions, and yes, numerous mis-statements about a very basic Cannabis question:  What the heck is the difference between Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, THC, etc.?

This was specifically addressed a few months ago in one of our web site “News Items”.  Because the issue continues to arise, we thought it would be good to take another look.  So, here are some basics:

  • CBD and THC are NOT the same!  While each can be  extracted from Hemp and the various strains of Marijuana plants, only THC provides the psychotropic high often associated with Marijuana or Cannabis in general.
  • HighBridge Premium THC products are part of a highly regulated industry, made with THC extracted  from the finest strains of marijuana, and are the result of very sophisticated chemistry and scientific formulations.  (In fact, there are now over 140 recognized strains of Marijuana!). So, while “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and the humor of Cheech & Chong are still fun to watch, our industry has worked hard to shed the “stoner” image!
  • HEMP is a totally different animal (OK – Plant).  Why is Hemp legal and not marijuana?  Because Hemp, by definition can only contain 0.03% THC, making it difficult to extract THC in sufficient amounts to make it an efficient source.  But, Hemp also contains a high percentage of CBD (which is legal), thus the easy availability of Hemp and CBD products.  Hemp is also used for industrial purposes, e.g., rope, building materials, etc.
  • CBD & THC are each present in Cannabis or Marijuana.  But because of its chemical composition, THC remains a scheduled and controlled substance in the US.  
  • So why or how are THC products available in some states, but not others?  NOW you are getting a sense of the confusion and fragmentation in the industry.  A few states have deemed all Hemp & Cannabis (including THC) legal.  But because of the National prohibition, THC products cannot be shipped from the US, or state to state, even if both states are legal!  Yikes!  Confusing, disjointed (no pun intended), fragmented?  Indeed.
  • Want to learn more about the differences, availability, effects, of Hemp, CBD, THC?  You can find a more detailed analysis at our website:

Next week we will re-visit Covid-19.  In the meantime keep in mind:


       “In the History of the World, 

                           there has never been a storm that lasted.  This too, shall pass”

                                          –  Author Unknown


Until that time,

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