The Canna-Blog

The Canna-Blog

A Wild & Crazy Ride!

The “road less traveled”, “free fall”, “Mach Speed”,  “roller-coaster ride”.  However you care to phrase it, the Cannabis Industry is not for the feint of heart nor the ill-prepared.  If you are adventurous, fearless, or simply curious, HighBridge invites you to join its journey along the Cannabis road, and onto the THC Trail!



Check the HighBridge Canna-Blog for news and updates on HighBridge Happenings, as well as the latest in industry developments, the “Politics of Pot”, and upcoming events. The aim of the Canna-Blog is to be informative and thought-provoking, yet entertaining, fun, & always relevant.

We couldn’t introduce the Cann-Blog without including a comment on

The Corona Craziness!

“Covid-19”, “Corona Craziness”, Pandemic Panic”.  Whatever you call it, its impact leaves none of us unaffected.  For the Cannabis industry in general, there has been an uptick in sales.  But there has also been a fall-out of smaller cannabis businesses, especially those under capitalized or with relatively small footprints.  HighBridge will carefully weigh resulting opportunities & options, and act accordingly.  In the meantime, HighBridge is observing the heath standards of each state.  We encourage all of our partners, associates, shareholders, customers and followers to Be Observant.  Act Responsibly.  Stay Healthy!

COMING UP:  In the next installment we will take a look at the numbers.  How Covid-19 has affected our industry in general and HighBridge in particular.  And, most importantly, where we go from here.

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