HighBridge, “Fuzzy Duck” Ink Multi-Year Marketing Deal!

HighBridge, “Fuzzy Duck” Ink Multi-Year Marketing Deal!

The arrangement seals a long term media development strategy.

Susanne MacMahon, CEO of HighBridge announced that HighBridge and Imagebay, Incorporated, which does business as Fuzzy Duck Marketing, have enter a unique agreement which will provide ongoing marketing services for HighBridge, including immediate revamping of the HIghBridge website by Imagebay.

The Agreement will allow Fuzzy Duck to not just provide services, but actually share in the growth of HighBridge. “We are thrilled to have Imagebay partner with us at this critical time of HIghBridge development!”, said Elling. “This agreement not only solidifies the Fuzzy Duck marketing team as a contracted service provider, but centralizes important functions like website development and management, as well as integration of Social Media & on-line sales ”, added Elling.

Eddie Ulrich, CEO of Imagebay echoed that enthusiasm.

“This was a big step for us! We believe the HighBridge people have put together an amazing program with tremendous upside potential. The entire Fuzzy Duck team is excited about the project”, said Ulrich.

Under the terms of the agreement, Imagebay will be the exclusive marketing / advertising company for HighBridge. The initial term is for two years, with extensions as the parties agree. The agreement contains multiple incentives and benchmarks for both parties.

“We are extremely proud of this development. It is rare that a contract service provider becomes a “partner” under such an arrangement”, said Susanne MacMahon.  “This not only speaks to the quality of the HighBridge project, but also the vision of

Fuzzy Duck. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship” MacMahon added.