Branding & Operations

Branding & Operations

HighBridge started with the philosophy that to be a serious player in the Cannabis industry we needed to establish Brand and Market Share. To Maximize Branding and Labeling we partnered with Fuzzy Duck Marketing to develop a Brand that will be Industry Recognizable. And our marketing initiative has always focused on what we termed “the West Coast Corridor”, comprised of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. We are now considering adding Illinois and (hopefully yet this year) Arizona. Having a recognizable Brand in multiple States we believe gives us a head start on overall market penetration as other States join in, and WHEN national legalization occurs. It is always fulfilling to see the HighBridge model and strategy validated by other observers in the industry.


“The bigger picture was talking about cannabis branding, and we’ve seen companies change packaging and try to reach a high-end clientele. We’re seeing big cannabis firms like Canopy Growth target companies just because of excellent branding.”


“The bigger picture is also cannabis companies becoming multi-state operators because they need a presence throughout the United States. That was why I wanted to bring Planet 13* Holdings Inc. to your attention. They have a tremendous operation in Las Vegas, but that was the only state it conducted business in. Soon after our last monthly issue got sent to your mailbox, the company announced it was entering California. I was surprised at how fast it happened, but I wasn’t surprised that it did happen. Again, cannabis companies need a presence throughout the United States if they want to truly develop a company that lasts.”

*Planet 13 operates a “retail presence with a lounge concept.”

It’s goal is to become a recreational destination. It’s first Lounge opened in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and its next Lounge is to be opened later this year in California.

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