What?? The Times They are a Changing!

What?? The Times They are a Changing!

……A Harbinger of Things to Come…..

Re-posted From Cannabis Profits Daily: Why the Church of England Is Becoming a Cannabis Investor

By Greg Miller

One of the world’s most conservative institutional investors has decided to embrace medical cannabis. The Commissioners of the Church of England recently announced that it will consider investing in cannabis companies with a sole medical purpose.

It will hold medical cannabis companies to the same standard it applies to other pharmaceutical companies.

In some respects, this seems like a small step. It’s not like the Anglicans will be buying into recreational cannabis companies, even though most of them have a health orientation. Remember that part of the reason why CBD is becoming so popular is the health benefits it offers.

And any investments the Church does make will not be huge. The entire endowment is £8.4 billion (US$10.3 billion), and only about a quarter of that is invested in the kinds of equities where a cannabis company might be a fit.

But the reality is that the Church of England’s decision is a huge change, and it is a preview of bigger things to come.

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