MSO’s Receive Market Attention!

MSO’s Receive Market Attention!


There are several players in the Cannabis Arena, including HighBridge, that have made a conscious decision to approach their business models with a multi-state focus. These MSOs are starting to receive the attention of the Investment and Market communities. The HighBridge philosophy has always been to develop and offer high-quality products, establish its brand, and achieve market penetration throughout what it defines as the West Coast Corridor. This philosophy is now being nationally recognized. For example, the following cover article:

Deservedly, American cannabis markets get a lot of attention from investors. As far as legal markets go, it’s by far the largest in the world – and will continue to be for years.

After all, the legal marijuana market in California alone is far bigger than the Canadian market will ever be, and multi-state operators (MSOs) are learning how to build operations and brands across the U.S., despite patchwork legalization.

These ingenious pioneers will define the American cannabis market of tomorrow ….. and subscribers will profit tremendously from their U.S. dominance.

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