HighBridge – Are we on the Right Path?

HighBridge – Are we on the Right Path?

Excerpt from: MoneyWire Special Report January 17, 2019

“In 1937 the Federal Government made the sale and consumption of marijuana essentially illegal. But in recent years, “weed” is now being decriminalized across the U.S. and Canada. Business and consumers are responding, and it has created one of the hottest growing trends in the market.

Two years ago, sales of legal marijuana in America generated $6.7bBillion. Last year, sales of legal marijuana grew by 37% to reach $9.2 billion. When you consider that the sales of coffee in America last year was $48 billion, 3 critical things come to the investment mind:

  • The first is that legal marijuana is a large industry;
  • Second is that is also a rapidly growing industry;
  • Third, it has room to grow much, much larger.

In fact, the legal marijuana business is set to grow so much over the next 10 years, I may turn out to be one of the biggest investment opportunities ever. The opportunity in legal weed is much like that of internet stocks offered in 1994….or that offered by BitCoin in 2015.

…..Let’s put the numbers in perspective. McDonald’s had sales of $8 billion in the U.S. in 2017. Based on current numbers, it appears there will. Be more sales of legal marijuana than that of Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets!

If the marijuana industry can reach the $75 billion level that research firm COWEN has predicted, it will be nearly equivalent to the current sales of cigarettes ($77 Billion) and encroaching on the $110 Billion of beer sales.”

HBH believes the Path is Clear!

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